An overheating computer is never a good sign, and it can cause a series of issues which can leave your beloved device broken. Even though you can run a clogged up machine for months with seemingly no issues, sooner or later the amount of muck will take over and leave you wondering where you went wrong… 

This particular gaming computer swiftly died from overheating and had the owner needing an urgent fix. Luckily, one of our tech geeks managed to sort this relatively quickly. Within 2 hours, after a thorough clean inside and out, it was purring like a kitten again just like new. 

Overheating Computer? Let's Get It Running Again Acrylic PC Repairs Northwich Cheshire
Overheating Computer? Let's Get It Running Again Acrylic PC Repairs Northwich Cheshire

Why Is My Computer Overheating? 

Over time, computers naturally build up with dust, grime and pet hair just like dust magnets. Without proper cleaning, the fans become clogged and it makes it nearly impossible for them to properly ventilate. This is when issues begin to start. Thick layers of dust inside a computer will insulate the parts, which in turn can cause overheating issues. 

Not only dust can affect overheating. Keeping devices in areas which are too warm can be a culprit, as well as physically blocking ventilation areas. For example, have you ever left your laptop running on your bed for a while, only to come back to find it boiling hot? 

Having your device up against a wall or covering up any external crevices with something like your duvet will prevent breathability. Ensuring that there is plenty of space left around your computer to properly ventilate will prevent overheating. 

Symptoms Of An Overheating Computer…

Other than the classic tell-tale sign of an overheating computer – the outside getting generally hotter-than-usual – there are many signs that your computer is in dire need of a good clean. 

Constant system reboots after short periods of time, general slowness, and extremely loud growling noises coming from your fans, are all an indication of an inefficient computer which needs some TLC. 

How To Stop Computers From Overheating…

When your computer overheats, you need it to cool down as soon as possible to avoid any parts becoming dangerously hot, as this can eventually cause it to become damaged beyond repair. 

It’s also important to note that prevention is better than a cure and keeping dust levels relatively low at all times will help to extend the life of your computer. 

To stop computers and laptops overheating, the first step is to unplug! 

Unplug your device from the wall, and unplug any external devices such as USB drives or mouses (yes, that is the correct plural, it’s not supposed to be mice!). Unplugging will prevent internal components from overworking themselves in an attempt to function normally. 

Next, it’s time to take the computer apart and give it a detailed, methodical clean. 

Now it may seem obvious, but if you’re not completely sure how to take apart your computer, definitely do NOT attempt to try fixing an overheating computer yourself. Using a hoover to clean out the grime is also a very bad idea, as this creates static electricity which will damage your laptop or computer. 

Stay safe, keep it in one piece and instead, pick up the phone. You can dial 01606 531631 and our team of technicians will be able to help get you back to full working order…