We see hundreds of cracked laptop screens which get brought into us for repair, in fact it’s one of the most common laptop and mac problems we see everyday… but did you know that screens aren’t the only smashable part of a laptop? We get a whole range of different smashes, cracks and breaks needing to be fixed…

This poor macbook came into us with a cracked touchpad (or trackpad, if you prefer) which was caused by something being dropped right in the middle. After a short visit to us, we repaired the touchpad back to its former glory and it was collected shortly afterwards as good as new. 

What Causes A Cracked Touchpad?

Not only can dropping something on your laptop crack the touchpad, or simply dropping it without a case on… but there are other possible causes too, one of which is the battery. When it gets overworked with little to no air flow and circulation, the battery can begin to heat and expand. As the battery swells, it forces the trackpad out of position and causes it to weaken and eventually crack. 

What To Do With A Cracked Trackpad… 

After cracking your touchpad, you need to check whether it still works to evaluate the extent of the damage. Hopefully, you should be lucky and it’ll just be a relatively quick replacement. However, if the battery has caused it to crack, you’ll need to replace this too to protect it from expanding further and damaging further parts such as your motherboard. 

If you have a cracked trackpad caused by the battery, it’s useful to know some hints and tips to prevent it from happening again once you’ve had it fixed. Our overheating battery guide provides plenty of useful tips which will help you to keep your laptop cool and running smoothly, hassle free.

Not Bothered Your Touchpad Is Broken? 

Is your touchpad working fine despite the cracks? 

Well, we would still recommend getting it replaced.  Small shards of glass or plastic can make for very sore fingers. Along with the weakened structure, this makes it more likely to end up with more damage and could even damage more than just the touchpad.

You can bring your cracked touchpad to us to fix, as well as any other computer woes you may have. Our in-house tech wizards are ready and waiting to help you, simply call us on 01606 531 631 to book in for a repair. We’re located at the bottom of Winnington Hill by the Infirmary in Northwich.