Slide PC & Laptop Repairs From
Your Local Tech Geeks
Don't panic! we're here to
fix the sh!t you break...

Slide PC & Laptop Repairs From
Your Local Tech Geeks
Don't panic! we're here to
fix the sh!t you break...

Busted Your Laptop Screen?

Banjaxed Your PC?

Tech Troubles Suck! You Need A Computer Specialist Pronto…

And you found us! Kudos, you’re already one step closer to an end to your technical misery. At Acrylic PC Repairs, we specialise in fixing the unfixable, restoring the ruined, and sorting the stuff you f&%$ up. (Hey, we’ve all been there). You’ll find us in Northwich, just down the road from Victoria Infirmary. Stop in with your stuff, or give us a call and arrange a collection – it’s FREE!* 

*If you’re in a 5-mile radius of Northwich, Middlewich or Winsford, or a 2-mile radius of Knutsford.


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  • 5 star review  Really excellent business - got my laptop seen to really quickly after water damage. Would highly recommend and will use in future.

    thumb Loui Frost
  • 5 star review  Would definitely recommend this place to anyone, very professional and very reasonable prices. Would definitely use them again 👍

    thumb Sam Bond
  • 5 star review  Called Thursday night booked me In friday morning, had hdmi port issue, saw Brad who gave me confidence he would solve problem he did professionally, when got home found the... read more

    thumb Ian Coop
  • 5 star review  Brilliant service. They booked me in on the Friday for my laptop repairs,(tea spillage), phoned me back on the same day with a reasonable quote, and i got it back... read more

    thumb Raymond Van Tonder
  • 5 star review  Couldn't wish for a better experience. Thanks to Simon (and Hazel) for putting up with, and answering, my Luddite type questions at ridiculous times of the day/night (always got back to... read more

    thumb Dee Ciao
  • 5 star review  Top guys. Very professional and extremely helpful. Will definitely be using them for my computer issues in future!

    thumb Jim Griffiths
  • 5 star review  My desktop PC had died. Simon and Co at Acrylic repaired it efficiently. They gave clear explanations of what needed doing and kept me informed of progress. The cost was... read more

    thumb Jeremy Cole
  • 5 star review  Really helpful people. They fixed my laptop with no issues and I received it back in perfect condition. High quality service and I'm pleased that I have finally found a... read more

    thumb Maisie Edwards

Latest Computer Repairs

  • A Weird Blown Battery (And How To Prevent Laptops Overheating!)

A Weird Blown Battery (And How To Prevent Your Laptop Overheating!)

When you smash your screen it’s obvious just by looking at your laptop what the issue is. But sometimes, it can be a little harder to tell. This HP laptop baffled its owners when it abruptly stopped working, but we knew what was wrong with it immediately. In fact, the problem was diagnosed without taking it apart thanks to the telltale bulge in the keyboard. The problem? The laptop had overheated and the battery had blown.Well, we installed a nice shiny new battery, almost half the size of the old one we took out!

  • Spilled Tea On Your Laptop? It Happens To The Best Of Us...

Spilled Tea On Your Laptop? It Happens To The Best Of Us…

We’ve all been there. You’re sat at your desk, minding your own business, furiously typing away and wondering why it is that writing is so problematic, your To Do list seems to get longer every time you tick something off, and you perpetually have the Superman theme tune stuck in your head (thanks for that, Si!). You reach for your mug of tea (or coffee, or whatever is your beverage of choice...on this particular day it was tea), and rather than picking it up and taking a nice comforting sip you inadvertently knock it over.And because you like to be efficient while working and have a large mug (to minimise the number of times you need to go to the kettle) suddenly half a pint of liquid is sloshing all over your desk.Yes, you spilled tea on your laptop.Ooopsie...

  • Corrupted File Recovery (And How To Easily Avoid A Nightmare!)

Corrupted File Recovery (And How To Easily Avoid A Nightmare!)

Sometimes it’s tricky to know if there’s a problem with your laptop or not. Maybe Windows is painfully slow to load, maybe the whole system seems a little sluggish. You’re unsure if it’s just getting old, or if there’s an actual issue. Other times, it’s blindingly obvious not only that there’s a problem, but what the problem is.Take this lovely little purple number that came in recently, which had either inexplicably decided to communicate exclusively in Wingdings (a bizarre font made entirely of characters rather than letters), or it was suffering from a serious case of corruption. The latter was the case, and we ran corrupted file recovery on it to restore the system, but before we did it was looking a little...well... 

Shazam! Check Out Our Geek Files…
Shazam! Check Out Our Geek Files…

Slide Stress-Free Tech Support & Repairs On Demand Your Personal Geek Squad… Shit breaks. Usually at the worst possible time. Our Avenger Care Packages give you direct access to your own personal team of techies. Can’t make it out to a computer shop for help? We’re on standby waiting to pick up your stuff, fix it, and return it. Don’t have time to waste? We’re here to remotely access your stuff and fix it while you watch. Worried how you’d cover the cost of a technical meltdown? Our no-contract, no-obligation service gives you all the help you need at a fixed monthly price. Holy Broken Laptops, Tell Me More!